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Andrew David White

About Me

I am the programmer of the DVD to iPod project, which aims to provide easy conversion of one's personal DVD's to a format which is sutable for the video iPod. I was born on the 21 of December 1986. I am a member of my local Linux users group and I have been a member since its formation. I use many different operating systems on a regular basis including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. I am also currently a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and have competed in their international collegiate programming competition.

My Qualifications

Highschool Diploma- Selinsgrove Area High School District 2005
Expected BS in Computer Science from Susquehanna University in 2009
2006 - Trained in the Setup, Deployment and Usage of the Helix Server by a Real Engineer for the Deployment of the Streaming Services for Susquehanna University
Self Taught Computer Networking Concepts - Placed 7th in the 2005 FBLA PA Statewide Compitition and First Place for Region 23
Self Taught Computer Trouble-shooting - Placed Second in the 2005 TSA PA Statewide Competition and Second Place for Region 7
Self Taught Web Design - Placed in the top ten (I forget the exact placement) for the 2005 TSA PA Statewide Competition and Placed 1 for Region 7
Self Taught Operating Systems Concepts - Placed Fourth in the 2005 FBLA PA Statewide Competition
Self Taught Technology Concepts -Placed first in the 2004 FBLA Region 23 Competition
Post High School Knowledge of Social Studies - 1997 (I was 11 and in fourth grade)

Work Experience

Between 2005 and 2006 I worked as a cashier/customer service associate for Weis Markets. While I was there they had me troubleshoot the Automated Cashier Machienes that they had installed, work the cash register, count money in their office, provide minimal supervision for other employees, empty the Automated Cash Machines, operate various computer terminals, stock shelves, judge the validity of a customer's complaint for customer service, provide some training for new personel and provide assistance with the registers for other employees who were weak with their register skills.
From 2005 and onward to the present date I have worked for Susquehanna University as a Computer Audio/Video Technician. This job entailed various amounts of programming.

Feel free to Come back later

Andrew David White
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