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GUI v0.6 has been released 

Released 17th July. featuring better help, experimental MPEG 2 support and a DVD Previewer.


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For the bandwith and the disk storage space.

HayleyWestenra.com HayleyWestenra.com 

For the web design concept.
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Now it works properly.

18th June
I have decided to add a section for unstable releases. This section will have all of the bleading edge functionaliyt but it comes with the price fo being unstable. Feel free to try the unstalbe version and let us know how it works for you.

4th June
Just tested it on windows Vista and it works with only one hitch. To retrieve your files you need to browse to C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\DVD to iPod GUI\DVD to iPod . 
Replacing [your username] with your username in Windows Vista. For example, if your username was Andy you would acces it with: C:\Users\Andy\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\DVD to iPod GUI\DVD to iPod 
Please note that this is the path for the default instaliation of the GUI. Replace it with the path that you used.

26th May
Why keep a good thing to myself? I am releasing the newest version which has some x64 support. Not everything has been converted to 64 bit but a bit of it has (sorry for the pun) and it works well. So you have one of the newer processors go ahead and try it out. Just done expect any major speed increase as the encoders are still 32 bit.

25th May
As soon as it uploads a slightly newer version of the program will be aviable in the cvs. This version deletes more of the temporary files when you convert to ipod. The terminal version is now the cpp file in the root of the test modual and the project in the folder terminal will build you the latest version. The GUI has also been updated with this feature. The final version including this change will be released at a later time. untill then you can browse the cvs and build it yourself or you can ask me to release the files earlier than I would like and I will.

19th May
I have tested this program on a 64-bit architecture and it runs well under WOW 32 bit emulation. Tested on the new Intel Pentium D(Dual 64-bit core).

Latest Releases


GUI v0.6 - released July 17th 2006

Click here to download


GUI v.0.6 - released July 17th 2006

Terminal v.0.0.5 - released May 27th 2006

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